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The Making of a Reborn Baby

What is a Berenguer?
"For hundreds of years, dolls have been collected by adults and treasured by children...but never have dolls been crafted with as much beauty, realism and details as they are by the Berenguer family of Spain. This renowned family carries a 50-year tradition of quality design and master craftsmanship. Today Salvador Berenguer continues to handle the designing and artistic sculpting of their dolls personally, as they have for decades." (Excerpt from the JC Toys Group, Inc. catalog.)

What Other Babies Are Used?
Reborning used to be reserved for the Berenguer Babies only but with new manufacturing advances the market has expanded. Almost any baby with the proper vinyl or silicone vinyl skin may now be reborned. Many collectible dolls such as the German Zapfs and Ashton Drakes have now joined this market. There really is no limit to the beautiful babies now coming to life. Below is a brief description of my reborning process. There are too many details that go into this process to list them all and each baby is done a little differently. That is what makes them so unique!

~A Mothers Love~
Every baby reborn at Angel Baby Nursery receives the best care available. Each one requires a lot of time and attention. Expenses are not spared in the process of their creation. These are no longer play dolls but become cherished collectibles. I personally fuss over every little detail while my babies go through this transformation, which can take several weeks to complete. I will always strive to bring you the best of my talent, in the babies I create, to love and cherish for generations to come. No baby will leave my nursery until I am convinced that it is a "real" Baby!

~The Beginning~
Becoming a "real baby" first involves the removal of all factory paint. Babies are then given their first warm sudsy bath and allowed to thoroughly dry.

~Purest Skin~
Achieving their translucent skin tone is a time consuming process. My babies begin with natural soft-touch vinyl based skin. They are hand painted with my own unique combinations of high quality permanent colors and artists mediums to attain the skin color right for them. This takes several days as each thin layer must be allowed to cure before the next layer can be applied. Next, highlight colors are applied to assure that their skin glows with just the right amount of blushing. Detail veining is yet another step in creating the most life-life features possible. Every crease, fold, and tiny nail bed are meticulously colored and shaded appropriately. I am sure you will find this care shows through in the end. Just as real infants, my babies may have their own small "birthmarks" which adds to their individuality.

~Beautiful Features~
Some babies may be left with their original eye color while others may need a change. New quality eyes that compliment the baby, are chosen and then sealed into molded eye sockets. Human eyelashes are used for awake babies to achieve a very realistic look. Micro-Rooted mohair eyelashes are given to the sleepers. The eyebrows are hand drawn one hair at a time and softened. Each baby has its nose carefully shaded or sculpted open so that it may "breathe". It is then sealed from the inside with appropriate colored material. The newborn manicure is achieved as each nail bed is tinted and finished with a soft nail tip. This process involves many thin translucent layers of color and finishing to look like a natural manicure. All nails are carefully sealed several times with a non-yellowing, non-chipping matte finish.

~Sweetest Smile~
Some babies will need their mouth opened for a more realistic appearance. Be assured this is accomplished with the utmost care to assure that the vinyl does not tear or sustain damage in any way. Others may simply need a natural lip blush applied and sealed with a gloss finish to give the "wet look" to the lips. Each baby will have a modified pacifier to suit his or her needs.

~Softest Crown~
If the baby is to have rooted hair, only quality mohair or human hair is used. This process is very tedious, but well worth the time, as each strand of hair must be inserted in a natural growth position involving thousands of tiny follicles to be placed into the scalp. If a wig is used, the hair is prepared and securely glued to the scalp. All of the babies receive a natural wispy hairstyle to compliment that individual babies look without a harsh scissor cut. Occasionally, for a more realistic newborn look, whisper fine mohair is hand applied.

~Adorable Baby Fat~
All of my babies have wonderfully soft and fully pose-able bodies. Each baby is weighted to feel like a real infant. I use several combinations of weighting materials to achieve this. All of my materials are clean, sterile, and sealed to prevent any leakage. Baby soft poly fill surrounds all of the weighting material allowing your baby to cuddle up softly in your arms.

~Coming Home~
Each little one will arrive with a beautiful outfit purchased especially for them. Occasionally I will find a gently used outfit that is too unique and adorable to resist for a particular baby. Included in their traveling package will be their personal items, a birth certificate, and care instruction sheet. Sometimes a special care package may be included that was just too hard to resist.

~Thank You~
I appreciate you taking the time to visit my babies. Please stop by anytime and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.